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HubSpot Integration

FeedbackBulb with HubSpot integration is an excellent tool to create and keep track of leads and to grow your business.


HubSpot integration allows FeedbackBulb to create new CRM contacts as leads based on submissions from a survey.

  • FeedbackBulb will create a new contact or udpate existing contacts if they already exist in your HubSpot contacts.

  • Mapped responses from FeedbackBulb are automatically synced with HubSpot.

  • FeedbackBulb will append a Note activity for each contact with a link to that person's complete survey response.

  • FeedbackBulb can update your HubSpot contact stage to Marketing Qualitifed Lead.

Connect account

Your first step is to enable the HubSpot integration for your app. From the Settings panel, navigate to HubSpot integration and click on the "Connect" button in order link FeedbackBulb with your HubSpot organization.

Connect your account

Once connected, your HubSpot account will become available to all surveys created within this application.

Enable Integration

To enable HubSpot integration for an existing survey, navigate to the survey settings and locate the "Designer" panel where you can select "Integrations":

Designer menu

Enable the HubSpot integration using the toggle button on the right and then map one or more contact fields to activities from the survey.


To be able to create a HubSpot CRM contact, you need to map the user's email address. All other fields are optional.

Map activities


Additional fields will become available for mapping when the survey includes one of the following activities:

  • Contact info: First name
  • Contact info: Last name
  • Contact info: Company name
  • Website

When does it run?

The HubSpot integration is triggered whenever a survey has been submitted (the last question has been answered).

🚧 Work in progress