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Feedbackbulb is a simple tool that enables you to quickly collect feedback from your users. Collect feedback, ideas, attachments, and receive problem reports using a simple widget in your app or website.

Feedbackbulb supports a number of integrations for importing feedback from Email, Mastodon, the Fediverse and others. Reply to your users directly from your feedback stream.

⏱️ Get started quickly

Feedbackbulb comes with "ready to use" libraries for popular ecosystems. In just a few minutes you can be using one of our self-contained widgets or opt to build your own UI experience.

For each platform, the Feedbackbulb client SDKs come in two flavours:

  • Feedbackbulb Toolbox - includes example widgets ready for use in your app or website.

  • Feedbackbulb - the base library facilitating communication with our REST API.

🔒 Privacy focused

We securely store feedback and nothing else. Any additional information about the client request like their IP address, location, or identity is ignored by our services and eventually purged from our logs. Feedbackbulb has no client tracking tools and is fully GDPR-compliant out of the box.

If you choose to collect personal information like a user's email address via the feedback widget, we have a GDPR Data Processing agreement you can download from your Account page. In addition, we will encrypt this data both at rest and in transit, just to be certain it can only be used to reply to feedback and nothing else.

Even more, Feedbackbulb has the option to strip all personal information from feedback reports after you reply to your users. This way you can keep the feedback report while removing any personal information from it.

🔥 Realtime updates

The Feedback stream updates in realtime. Feel free to keep Feedbackbulb open as a wallboard. As soon as new reports are processed, they will appear in the list ready for handling.

🤖 Inbound and outbound integrations

Feedbackbulb supports a number of inbound and outbound integrations, allowing you to incorporate feedback from other platforms. You can receive feedback from Email, a connected Mastodon account, and more. Currently, available channels in your region are listed in the app's settings page.

✉️ Reply to feedback

We support several outgoing channels which can be used to reply to feedback. You can reply to feedback reports directly from Feedbackbulb.

🚧 Work in progress