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Receive feedback via email

Instruct your users to send email to where XXX-XXX-XX is your app key.

Emails sent to this address will appear in the feedback stream of the corresponding app.


  • While Feedbackbulb supports both plain text and HTML emails, Feedbackbulb does not parse HTML markup, and you will see the HTML content of the message “as is”. Plain text emails always look nice.

  • Emails can contain attachments with an image, video, or a document of up to 20 MB in size. Currently, only 1 attachment will be accepted. If more than 1 are present, Feedbackbulb will take the first one.

  • Our privacy policy states that we do not share your feedback with 3rd parties, and so Feedbackbulb currently does not employ a third party to scan for junk email. While we're working on an in-house solution, if you're receiving an excessive amount of spam in your feedback stream, please reach out, so we can try to find a solution.

🚧 Work in progress