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How to get started with a static website


Preview of feedback widget

Reference the script

To enable Feedbackbulb on a webpage, add the following CSS and JavaScript references to the head HTML section of your page:


Configure the widget

Add an attribute named data-fbb-feedback to the HTML element in which the Feedbackbulb widget will be created. The value of the attribute should be equal to your application key.

<aside data-fbb-feedback="XXX-XXX-XX" />

You can retrieve your app key from the Feedbackbulb app dashboard

Optionally, onfigure the placement of the widget using the data-fbb-direction attribute which can take one of the following values: bottom-trailing, bottom-leading, top-trailing, top-leading placing the widget in the corresponding corner of the viewport e.g.

<aside data-fbb-feedback="XXX-XXX-XX" data-fbb-direction="top-leading" />

Customize the feedback widget

The following configuration attributes are available and can be used to tweak the look and feel of the widget:

Text options

  • data-fbb-widget:title: default: "Send feedback"
  • data-fbb-widget:subtitle: default: "We'd love to hear from you"
  • data-fbb-widget:text-label: default: "Describe what's happening"
  • data-fbb-widget:text-placeholder: default: "Remember not to include personal information."
  • data-fbb-widget:submit-button-label: default: "Submit"
  • data-fbb-widget:show-email: default: "false"
  • data-fbb-widget:email-label: default: "Email"
  • data-fbb-widget:email-placeholder: default: "Type your email address"
  • data-fbb-widget:debug-requests: default: "true"
  • data-fbb-widget:show-add-attachment: default: "true"
  • data-fbb-widget:add-attachment-label: default: "Attachment"
  • data-fbb-widget:attachment-upload-button: default: "Select a file"
  • data-fbb-widget:attachment-upload-caption: default: "or drag and drop"
  • data-fbb-widget:attachment-limits: default: "Image, Video, Audio, Document up to 20MB"

Colour options

The call to action button which opens the feedback widget can be further customized with the following options:

  • data-fbb-widget:primary-color: default: "#FDB713"
  • data-fbb-widget:primary-dark-color: default: "#DE9C02"
  • data-fbb-widget:hover-dark-color: default: "#FEE09A"
  • data-fbb-widget:hover-color: default: "#FEE09A"
  • data-fbb-widget:fill-color: default: "#111213"
  • data-fbb-widget:fill-color-dark: default: "#111213"


For performance reasons, we serve optimized/minified version of the CSS and the JavaScript of the widget. You're welcome to review the source code in our repository.

🚧 Work in progress